Soldotna Pentecostals Free Marriage Seminar


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Thursday - "Where are We at?"  (A lesson designed to help you and your spouse determine where you currently are in your marriage, and how to get you moving in the direction of the marriage you want to have.)  
Pass out Q&A Cards - Answers to the questions will be integrated throughout the Friday and Saturday sessions.

Friday - "5 Love Languages" (Gary Chapmans 5 Love language assessment, along with how to use the information to affair proof your marriage.)
"Marital Drift" - (Over time we naturally and unintentionally drift away from the one we said "I do" to. Information about how to fight the current of life and time to stay intimately connected to one another.)

Saturday -  Split Session?  "Becoming the Women of His Dreams" (How to become the woman God desires you to be in marriage without losing your mind or your identity.)  "Men of Iron Made of Clay". (How a man can be both lead and Love his wife and family as God has called him to.)"Areas of Conflict" (Every marriage has battles. Direction of how to determine what area of conflict is the most important for a couple, and how to effectively communicate through the topic and come up with a plan together to finally win the Battle together!)