Our Mission

“Soldotna Pentecostals is a church founded on the doctrine preached by the Apostles in the book of Acts.”

Our Mission

Soldotna Pentecostals believe church should be a place where people come in contact with the power and presence of God. What is church if you do not have an encounter with the God you are worshiping?

We are committed to creating an environment where the presence of God is welcome and present so He can minister to the hearts and minds of those in our services.

As Pentecostals our worship and prayers are exuberant, our preaching is anointed and our fellowship is full of love for each person.  We accept everyone and attempt to minister to the needs of the individual that God would create in them, a new man and a new life.

We believe in salvation as preached by Peter and the Apostles in Acts 2:38.  We are committed to reaching the city of Soldotna with this message.  We are an evangelistic church, constantly reaching out to those around us to bring them this gospel truth.  We are affiliated with the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI).

Our Founding Principles Are:

  • We will always preach and teach the truth
  • We will always have the power and presence of God in our services.
  • We will always have visitors.

Our Mission Statement Is:

To bring the people of Soldotna into the presence of God through worship in spirit and truth that they might be saved.