Maybe you have seen us around town. Most likely we have passed you in the grocery store, possibly the local building store, most definitely on the river bank. Somewhere sometime we have passed you or talked with you here in Soldotna. We live here and have since childhood. My wife and I grew up in this city and attended the local grade schools, Jr. High and graduated from Soldotna High school.

The start of this church has been a lifelong work and calling of God to Pastor Mendenhall and his wife. Pastor Mendenhall and his wife grew up as kids in Soldotna, going to local schools and eventually graduating from Soldotna High school in 1984. Pastor and Mrs. Mendenhall were married in 1985 and began their life and family together in Soldotna.

Pastor Mendenhall has worked outside the church for the past 27 years at his current job. During this time Pastor Mendenhall has received his Bachelor degree in Management and is currently completing his Masters in Management. The Soldotna Pentecostals began in August of 2013 as a home mission’s church in the home of the Mendenhall’s. The church rapidly outgrew their living room and moved in October of 2013 to its current location at the Super Structures building in Soldotna. Since moving to the Super Structures God has blessed the church with continual growth as new members are added. Watching as God has changed the lives of the people in Soldotna has made every challenge they have faced worthwhile. Pastor Mendenhall entered the ministry in 1995 assisting in both Sterling and Kenai UPC churches. During this time God developed Pastor Mendenhall’s ministry in preparation for the calling he had for him in Soldotna. The calling of God to Soldotna was a miracle in its own and since the start of Soldotna Pentecostals the church has been immersed in the miracle working power of God. Soldotna Pentecostals is more than a name for a church. The name itself is a reflection back to the book of Acts church that was birthed on the day of Pentecost. It is the desire of this church to bring to Soldotna the original doctrine and power of the Apostolic church. In the few years of this church’s existence God has performed numerous miracles and healings in the lives of its members. Apostolic Pentecost is alive in Soldotna Pentecostals!!

“We believe in the doctrine as preached by the book of acts church.”

  • We believe in salvation as preached by Peter on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2:38) and throughout the entire New Testament.
  • We believe and teach in One God who is indivisible or separate in any person (Duet. 6:4). He was creator in the beginning, redeemer in Christ, and the Holy Ghost in the New Testament church (Col. 2:9) (2 Cor. 5:19)
  • We believe and teach in the operation of the gifts of the spirit.
  • We believe and teach in the transforming power of God in a person’s life; to bring them out of sin and into his holiness.